Dassault Extends Falcon 8X Capabilities

Photo: (Photo Dassault Aviation)


Dassault Aviation has received regulatory approval for its enhanced flight vision system (EHVS). The new capability, which is fitted to the Falcon 8X ultra-long-range business jet, “gives operational credit for poor visibility approaches down to 100 ft, greatly improving access to airports in bad weather and significantly enhancing fleet efficiency,” the French manufacturer said.

It is delivered through the aircraft’s FalconEye combined vision system – available as an option on the 8X since 2017 and on the 2000LX/S and 900LX since October 2016 – and was certified for operational use following the completion of a joint EASA/FAA certification campaign earlier this year.

(Photo Dassault Aviation)

FalconEye is, Dassault claims, the first head-up display “to show separate synthetic, database-driven terrain mapping and enhanced thermal and low-light camera images at the same time. This allows the pilot to fly approaches in poor visibility conditions with an unprecedented level of safety and reliability.” It added the system “provides an unprecedented level of situational awareness to the flight crew in all conditions of operation and greatly reducing the stress of bad weather landings.”

The 100ft capability is the latest in a series of new options and enhancements that have extended the mission capability of the Falcon 8X since its entry into service in 2016. This also includes steep approach approval, permitting operations at London City Airport, along with the introduction of the Falcon Sphere II integrated electronic flight bag suite; and FalconConnect inflight connectivity system.

Dassault added that it plans to further improve the EHVS to support landing capability, allowing pilots to fly a full approach and landing without using natural vision to see the runway. Approval of this latest upgrade is expected in 2020.

(Photo Dassault Aviation)

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