New Irish Aircraft Register

Photo: (Photo Gainjet)


Ireland has offically welcomed the first aircraft onto its new EJ register.  The Embraer Lineage 1000, EJ-IOBN (c/n 19000632), was handed over to Gainjet Ireland on October 16 and joins the business jet operator almost 90 years to the day after the first ever entry onto the Irish aircraft register, EI-AAA, in October 1928.

“Ireland already has a worldwide reputation as a leading airfinance jurisdiction, and the Irish Aviation Authority is a world-leading regulator. The EJ register combines these strengths for the corporate aviation space and delivers an onshore EASA register which is guaranteed fully compliant with Part NCC. it’s truly the new gold standard,” Patrick Edmond, Managing Director of the International Aviation Services Centre (IASC) at Shannon remarked. “And with our best-in-class partners, Shannon is the obvious choice for ensuring fast and tax-efficient EJ registration.”

Gainjet’s CEO Ray Mills added: “It’s been an amazing year. We started at Shannon with three jets back in 2016. We chose Shannon because it is a strategically located European base that connects continents. Moreover, thanks to the growing IASC cluster, Shannon has become a major aviation hub for leasing companies and for Atlantic crossing traffic.”


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